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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. 

In Office Services

  • Swedish Massage - A combination of long flowing strokes made to relax the body and mind. A great way to escape. (30, 60, 90 minutes). $35 , $65, $95
  • Sports Massage- Very specific deep tissue work, including extensive stretching. May include ice and heat. Great for rehabbing an injury! (45 or 90 minutes).  $55, $110
  •  (Combo)Swedish/Sports Massage - A combination of long flowing relaxation strokes with deep tissue and trigger point work in 2-3 areas, with minimal stretching. Most popular! (30, 60, 90 minutes). $40, $70, $100
  • Trauma Touch Therapy/Body Work - A very detailed and specialized emotional release type of bodywork. Usually client is receiving psychotherapy in conjunction to bodywork. Very Empowering! (Minimum 90 minutes). $100
  •  Lymphatic Drainage - A light massage focused on stimulating the lymph nodes at the upper arms, chest and groin area. Assisting the body with blood toxin elimination. Frequently requested by individuals diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and infections. (30 minutes). $40
  • TMJ Work - Releases tight muscles in the TMJ joint from grinding teeth and sinus infections. People love this little technique!! (15 minutes) $20
  • Pre- and Perinatal Massage - Helps to release emotional stress, and relieve the extra tightness in the muscles around the hips, lumbar, pelvis area caused by the body carrying the extra load during pregnancy. Massage treatment includes stretches and instruction for expecting mothers prior to birth. Thus taking a proactive approach towards delivery, creating confidence and decreasing stress in both the physical and emotional realm that pregnancy can create. This work is profoundly effective in all area's! (1st visit 1.25h) $100 $2nd + visit $80 for 1h.

Oncology Massage

    • - Usually light comforting and very intentional bodywork incorporating, eastern and western philosophies and techniques with or without oil.  * Extremely helpful with relaxing the body and soul of client during/after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thus decreases the cortisol and increases oxytoson. Inspires hope and renews the spirit. 1 to 2 hrs. ****(Services frequently provided on a sliding scale)
    • Regularly priced @ $70hr.

Aroma Therapy Treatments/Hot Towel Treatments-

  • To complete the total relaxation experience add a little aroma therapy and hot towels. Awesome!!! Each only $10 extra but extra but well worth it!! Most people once they have tried it they never go back to going with out.  Ahhhhh.

Mobil Services

Corporate On-Site Seated Chair Massage- Brief massage work to head, neck, back, arms, and shoulders, no oil, and employees fully clothed. Quick stress relief!, Improves employee morale! Increases productivity! Lowers healthcare costs! Great way to show staff appreciation!! $70 per hr (2hr Minimum)

In Home Mobil Massage- Offering Relaxation massage, Sports/Deep Tissue, or a Swedish/Deep Tissue massage in your home or location of choice with. All equipment needed provide by therapist. This is the Cadillac of Treatments. Aroma Therapy Treatment Available, upon request-no extra charge. This alway raises the massage experience to another level of relaxation! Naturally following up with a hot towel, places the cherry on the cake. There is no extra charge this. This is a fabulous way to unwind and place the body into a restful state!  ( sheets, table, music, candles, oil) Minimum 1 hour. Must be w/in a driving distance of 30 minutes or a extra fee will be added. $120-per hr


  • Gift Certificates Available for ALL Occasions!!
  • Pre-Paid Packages Available with Quantities of 3 or More!!
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